Cherry Picker Hire What You Need to Know

A cherry picker is a type of aerial work platform that can be used in many different industries. Many companies may be in need of a cherry picker for a one time project, or may need cherry pickers more frequently in their life of work. Here is everything that you should know about these pieces of light duty machinery.

What Types of Tasks Can Be Completed With a Cherry Picker?

A cherry picker can be used in a number of different industries to complete a number of different tasks. A cherry picker can raise people up, so they can complete a task off of the ground in a more safe and secure fashion than using a ladder, or in places where a ladder cannot be used. Building maintenance, such as changing out light bulbs and cleaning air vents, is often completed using a cherry picker. Power lines and telephone lines can be accessed with a cherry picker. Photographers and videographers use cherry pickers to provide them with a larger overview when filming or taking photographs. And landscapers often use cherry pickers to trim tree limbs.

What Should You Consider When Selecting a Cherry Picker?

When you are selecting a cherry picker for your job, you need to consider the way that the machinery is fueled or powered. You also need to consider the height the cherry picker can reach and the weight capacity of the machinery. Both of these factors can affect your ability to complete the type of job that you need the machinery for.

What Are the Benefits of Cherry Picker Hire Versus Purchasing a Cherry Picker?

Once you have decided that a cherry picker is right for your needs, you need to determine whether you should purchase one or whether you need a cherry picker hire Sydney, also referred to as renting a cherry picker. There are many benefits that renting a piece of machinery has over purchasing it. When you rent machinery instead of buy it, you are not responsible for servicing or maintaining the machinery. The company you are renting from has the responsibility of doing so. When you rent machinery, you also have the ability to use different machines for different jobs, allowing you to pick the machinery that is best suited for your job. When you rent machinery, you also get training on how to use the machine, which you do not receive if you purchase equipment. Finally, when you rent machinery, it is taken directly to your job site. You do not have to worry about hauling the large piece of machinery and ensuring it shows up to the job site when you need it.

If you are ready to obtain a cherry picker hire Sydney, Power Access has the equipment you need. Contact us today and let us help you to select the right equipment for your job and then transport it to your worksite. Call now to get started.


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